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Bulbs & Lamps • Cabochon Caps • Controllers

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WE HOLD STOCK OF ALL SIZES AND COLOURS OF CABOCHON LIGHT FITTINGS, EVERYTHING FROM BASES, CAPS, WASHERS, LAMPS EITHER LED OR GOOD OLD STYLE FILAMENT LAMPS! OH AND OF COURSE THE FITTING ITSELF IN EITHER SOLDER OR SCREW CAP! Sign Connections offers a massive range of Bulbs & Lamps to suit your requirements. The list below shows our more common stock items. We also have facilities in place to design, manufacture & install almost any type of lighting controller. If there is a particular item you require which is not listed below, please contact us Controllers: Various sizes & channel outputs available. Please contact us with your requirements. VSV Caps: E10 E14 Led’s: E10 – 60v E14 – 12v E14 – 60v E14 – 130v E14 – 220v Filament Lamps: E10 – 60v • 4/5w E14 – 60v • 10w E14 – 110v • 10w E14 – 220v • 10w GU10 L.E.D 4W MR16 L.E.D 4W

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