L.E.D & S.M.D

Design Flexibility – The safe nature of L.E.D’s, combined with their long-term reliability and minute size, means that they can be built into the fabric of almost any structure or object.

Imagine a stairway, lit by its handrail; or a room illuminated by the furniture. With L.E.D’s, anything can become a source of light and they offer designers and architects a lighting tool of unprecedented versatility.

There are thousands of different types of L.E.D’s in the industry. However, we have sourced the best and filtered out the worst, ensuring our customer’s satisfaction & confidence in our products.

Sign Connections are suppliers of SMD pixel’s, innovative products allowing a multitude of colours complete with programming to enable individual and unique designs for our clients.

Check out our video’s for the best way to view what these incredible pieces of technology can do.


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